Tarde Com Maria is a Catholic Association with more than 25 years of faithfull commitment in Brazil

Tarde Com Maria was created 25 years ago by in gratitude of his miraculous healing from a serious illness he was facing. After receiving this blessing, he decided to thank Our Lady by creating an annual meeting named Tarde Com Maria, that has become the world’s largest catholic procession, gathering more than 50 thousand people in each edition.

Berthaldo travelled to Fátima, in Portugal, home of Maria’s chapel, to celebrate Tarde Com Maria's 20th birthday and while visiting he felt inspired to build, in Brazil, a Sanctuary to celebrate Fátima, equally magnificent to the one he saw in Portugal. Today, this dream is a reality. The world's first and only replica of Fatima's Chapel can now be found in Rio de Janeiro, between the city's marvelous beaches and breathtaking mountains.

Tarde Com Maria’s Free Online Catholic Candle has reached Over 2 Million lit candles. Be the next!

Tarde Com Maria's Online Chapel is a way to reach catholics who cannot attend to their Church daily and are in need of getting their prayers answered through the lightening of free online candles. Since 2009 we have reached over 2 million lit candles. So light your catholic candle for free.

We take our catholic candles very seriously. Each lit candle in our virtual chapel is treated with love and care. All requests are brought directly to the Sanctuary’s Dean and Priests so that they can be honored and remembered during the daily masses we host at Our lady Mary Chapel

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Tarde Com Maria is helping thousands throught its daily Catholic activities at Maria’s Chapel

through his relentless work at the helm of Tarde com Maria managed to successfully build the most recent Sanctuary devoted to Our Holy Mother Mary of Fatima in Brazil. It is also the world’s one and only replica of the Portuguese Sanctuary where the few pastors first saw Mary.

Despite it's significantly recent opening, in 2011, Mary’s Sanctuary is already receiving over 250 thousand faithful Catholics yearly In search of warmth, belief, and the opportunity to worship Mary. They are presented with daily activities ranging from Holy Masses to Santissimo worship. But we want to go further! Our desire is to devote ourselves to various important social projects, and that is why we ask for your help.

Help Tarde Com Maria bring Mary to the hearts of thousands of faithfull believers.

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